Great and Friendly service

Great & Friendly service for over 12 Years!..Love the reception and that the products are very high quality and have lasted that long!

Zak. M

Bought an engagement ring.. The

Bought an engagement ring.. The service was exemplary and with a personal touch. The ring is perfect. It’s a perfect score from me.

Felix Komendah

I ordered an Engagement ring

I ordered an Engagement ring online and was pleasantly surprised on the case and the professionalism that the entire process was handled with.
I will definitely be coming back, not just for the wedding rings but for other jewellery as well. Thank you.



Very nice service and good

Very nice service and good customer care. I got a beautiful ring based on my budget. The communication and follow up is amazing.
A very happy customer
Thank you very much.

Timothy K

I had the most wonderful

I had the most wonderful experience and a large part thanks to Zaveris and their amazing customer service. After hearing about Zaveris, I made an appointment to visit them. The guys there took me through step by step on what to look out for when buying a ring. Through the experience I felt like the ring chose me and not I choosing the ring. They were very patient with me through out the whole process which may have taken 2 or 3 visits by the time I walked home with it. All in all, the whole experience was worth it and my fiancée can attest 🙂


Great tailored customer service, that

Great tailored customer service, that took into consideration my aspirations. The last minute change made things more Wow. Keep up the strategy for its creates automatic Zaveris Ambassadors.


Wanting to buy my girlfriend

Wanting to buy my girlfriend a ring for her birthday, I knew it wouldn’t be overly easy being in another country thousands of miles away. After finding Zaveris through a google search, I navigated their website and found a ring I liked. I must admit a couple of times, the website appeared to be down or suffering some glitches, however Meena and the proprietors were very helpful with getting onto any issues straight away and keeping me updated. There was then an issue with method of payment and transferring funds, but once again their customer service, and prompt address of issues was fantastic. They resized the ring for me, engraved on the inside, and it was picked up with no hassles. My girlfriend was delighted with the ring, and I was happy it was processed with minimal issues and exceptional customer service. The lines of communication were always open, whether it was via Facebook messenger or email, which was exactly what I needed when ordering from overseas. I would not hesitate to recommend Zaveris to anyone and I will also use them again for any future purchases. Thank you for helping to make my girlfriends birthday so special.
Mark – Australia

Mark - Australia

Excellent personalized customer care, great

Excellent personalized customer care, great location and keep their word on getting back to clients whenever the wedding bands and other jewelry is ready.
Will always pop in there for more jewelry and anniversary rings for my wife and I in future as I refer my network to them.

Martin K

Excellent customer service and some

Excellent customer service and some of the most genuine products in Nairobi City. Always value for money.
Highly recommended. Zaveris always sorts me out.


After searching for rings here

After searching for rings here and there, we managed to find a beautiful couple who advised this new couple on the rings to choose and YES! we found our rings and they were and will remain amazing as they bless this union.
THANK YOU ZAVERIS for the hospitality and service.

Bless You

Eunice & Carey

Zaveris has wonderful hosts! From

Zaveris has wonderful hosts! From setting up an appointment to choosing a ring, this experience was first class! Well done! I would most definitely pay them another visit! Thank you for the wonderful service.


Bonita Ayuko

Thank you, Zaveris, for the

Thank you, Zaveris, for the great experience that I have had every time I have visited your shop.

Your customer service is great – I like it that you listen, are exceedingly and genuinely polite and that have a great knack for making what always turn out to be inspired recommendations.

My last purchase has been received very well by my missus ;-).

I will be back, God willing.

K. Muchina

Had a wonderful experience and

Had a wonderful experience and the ring was resized according to Her size,engraved all these took few hours.Thanks for the good customer care and friendly faces.Highly recommended

Samwel Dollah

Very good experience

Very good experience I will definitely come back and recommend

Anthony. M

It’s been amazing experience with Zaveris

It’s been amazing experience with Zaveris. Beautiful rings for my engagement. Definitely coming back for wedding bands. Good customer care too, very helpful.

George Kuya

Excellent service with a smile

Excellent service with a smile. Required polishing and engraving of my wedding ring which was done in record time as I waited. Keep up the good work.


The reception is excellent

The reception is excellent and the guidance is awesome. Very nice service and I would recommend friends to come here for engagement and wedding jewellery.


Thank you for giving us our dream bands

Thank you for giving us our dream bands, and allowing us to go off the conventional path! Blessin gs to you and yours.

Valentine & Muniu




Excellent service & communication

Excellent service & communication received through out. The team was also very helpful with selecting an appropriate ring for the occasion. The website is also very well done. Thank you!


There is quality

There is quality. I will definitely come back for more. Best service in town.

Benjamin & Evelyn

My experience with them has been out of this world

I was referred to Zaveris by a good friend of mine called Agnes. Since then my experience with them has been out of this world. From getting my engagement ring to getting our wedding rings, Zaveris has proven to be very professional, reliable, understanding and so accommodating. Their rings are of perfect quality and lovely and they will go the extra mile to advise you on the ring designs. On customer service, i will give them 5 stars; when you get there, they will most likely welcome you with a very awesome sweet and something on top. .. I also got a surprise gift after getting my wedding rings. I would recommend Zaveris to anyone without any reservations.

Fredrick N

Extraordinary service

Extraordinary service. Service with a smile & very beautiful Rings. Thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you.


Thank you for sharing your expertise

Dear Zaveris Thank you so much for all the help and support. Thank you for sharing your expertise. May God bless you individually and also bless your business ventures.

Annabell and Cyrus

My wife loved the Ruby engagement ring

I stumbled upon Zaveris on the wide wide web. Must be the best & perfect stumbling ever. My wife loved the Ruby engagement ring.It was no hard decision settling for them for our wedding bands. Keep up the perfection and attention to detail and the coffee too!

Terry & Makanda

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service!!! Very helpful feedback/guidance throughout the whole process. Definitely recommending you yo all my friends!!!

Brian Mwangi

You feel appreciated

This is my third time doing business with Zaveris and all I can say is they have been so amazing and very helpful. Deal ing witj them, especially Meena is just amazing and you feel appreciated unlike other dealers. They did all they can to help me choose the best gift for my Queen and helping me to deliver it to her place(Out of Nairobi) while I was out of the country. I will recommend them to any man who really want to sweep off his woman to try Zaveris and he will not regret. Thank you Zaveris for everything and I will be back for more pretty jewellery. Ke ep it up guys. Regar ds

Goodwill M

The place to go

Zaveris is the place to go if you need wedding jewelry!I had an amaizing time selecting my rings , Meena was soo welcoming despite us showing up without an appointment. She was patient, attentive and offered her advice , while listening to our needs . Pravin was equally welcoming patient, with a keen eye for detail. At Zaveris , I got exactly the ring i wanted , how i wanted it , when i wanted it , with exceptional service , If i had to choose all over again , i would get the exact ring at Zaveris, your jewelry is genuine exceptional and timeless! Would definitely recommend ! Ps: My hubby loved his ring as well. Thank you for the gift that accompanied the rings .

Jackline and Kelly

This was a very great experience

This was a very great experience. sharing one of the greatest moments of my life with my bride to be was a pleasure. Excellent customer service. I will most definitely be recommending you to my friends and family


Amazing customer service

Amazing customer service, It sure felt like a personalized service, as they worked with me to identify desired jewelry. Came out with a ring smiling ! No doubt the recipient will smile even wider.


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