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Zaveris Amethyst and Garnet Oyster Pendant , , , .

The eccentric shape of the pendant immediately enthrals, the thick, black chord it dangles from accentuating its silvery undertones. While the…


Zaveris Sapphire and Garnet Ring .

The crimson-red Garnet gems and Sapphire stones are well-cut and polished to give a soft glow against the black Lutetium background. Gold trims…


Zaveris Sterling Silver Amethyst and Pearl Pendant , .

A sculptured urchin forms the basis of this pendant. With a purple Amethyst gemstone and a white fresh water Pearl, you’ve got delicate touches…


Zaveris Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring .

A striking piece of jewellery, this ring shines and mesmerizes. Scattered bezel-set purple Amethyst gemstones decorate the ring’s top, the…


Zaveris Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Pendant , .

A depth of blue you will love to wear. Two Topaz gemstones looped from Sterling Silver are rimmed in yellow gold plating, an exciting play of…


Zaveris Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Ring .

Talk about an enchanting ring and this one is it. The serrated design embellished with oval-cut, blue Topaz gemstones and speckled with yellow…


Zaveris Sterling Silver Blue Urchin Pendant , .

This necklace is an inspirational work of art. Beautiful stingray leather forms part of the urchin pendant with a cabochon-shaped, delicate blue…


Zaveris Sterling Silver Fringe Amethyst Pendant , .

An unconventional piece of jewellery encompassing a fringe design with a dainty Amethyst gemstone at the heart of it. The gripping pendant, with…


Zaveris Sterling Silver Opal Pendant , .

This exquisite necklace is a piece of art in a design that truly enchants. The doublet Opal, bluish-grey in colour and leafy in design, is elegant…


Zaveris Sterling Silver Prehnite Earrings , .

The colour tones on these earrings are exquisite and invoke in one the feeling of Victorian era. A green, Prehnite gemstone nestles in the middle…


Zaveris Sterling Silver Red Garnet Ring .

A twisted branch top whose design in Sterling Silver is emphasized with sprinkles of yellow gold plating at the tips. A bezel set, red Garnet…


Zaveris Sterling Silver Round Peridot Ring .

This olive green Peridot ring is captivating to say the least, adroitly crafted with trendy facets on a well-detailed Sterling Silver body, the…


Showing 1–12 of 15 results
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