Wanting to buy my girlfriend

Wanting to buy my girlfriend a ring for her birthday, I knew it wouldn’t be overly easy being in another country thousands of miles away. After finding Zaveris through a google search, I navigated their website and found a ring I liked. I must admit a couple of times, the website appeared to be down or suffering some glitches, however Meena and the proprietors were very helpful with getting onto any issues straight away and keeping me updated. There was then an issue with method of payment and transferring funds, but once again their customer service, and prompt address of issues was fantastic. They resized the ring for me, engraved on the inside, and it was picked up with no hassles. My girlfriend was delighted with the ring, and I was happy it was processed with minimal issues and exceptional customer service. The lines of communication were always open, whether it was via Facebook messenger or email, which was exactly what I needed when ordering from overseas. I would not hesitate to recommend Zaveris to anyone and I will also use them again for any future purchases. Thank you for helping to make my girlfriends birthday so special.
Mark – Australia